You ever had the situation where you just didn't have enough cable length? Depending on some stage set up while on tour or possibly with recording set ups with isolated amps, etc? I've been there multiple times.

How I deal with it is with a junction box. Simple, small and easy to stow for those oddball situation. I like this much more than coupler cables since the box is much more durable. 
I did a limited run of these junction boxes, and those sold out on the first day, so I made another run. These boxes use the same powder coated enclosures as our Rattlesnake buffers, and for a little fun, the hook up wire inside is an actual Rattlesnake instrument cable - so 20AWG conductor and shielded. Jacks are quality Neutrik jacks.

If you're interested, fill out a build request here: and ask for a Rattlesnake Junction (not listed on the site). I'm selling these for $25 + shipping. This is a limited run.
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