• corinnezupkoSO psyched to share the Great Spiritual Book Giveaway of 2017! In honor of my forthcoming book, every month until my book is published in Winter 2018, I'm giving away FREE copies of my most favorite spiritual books! These books have either helped me on my journey of overcoming anxiety OR they are awesome books about A Course in Miracles.
    This month's giveaway is an incredible book about the Course. It's Miracles at Work by @EmilyBennington!
    I LOVE this book! Emily has a gift for explaining Course principles with simplicity and clarity. Miracles at Work will show you how to connect with the guidance of your Inner Mentor to maintain inner peace regardless of work or life demands.
    Plus this giveaway comes with a BONUS webinar! Join Emily and I for a complimentary session on Tuesday, March 28th, 7-8pm, on "The Career Classroom: Work as a Path to Awakening."
    You'll walk away with practical strategies to bring your spiritual practice to work and to use your work as a means of awakening to LOVE.
    REGISTER FOR THE GIVEAWAY and webinar VIA MY PROFILE LINK! You'll receive an email on how you can immediately gain more entries to win.
    I love giving away presents! 🎁📚❤
    (This giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram) ✨

  • elite5percentfounderI #love #FREE :)
  • wenlolz@ana92paola look this amazing book!! :D I'd love to read this, and you?
  • star.wars.instaAwesome post 😉
  • corinnezupko@wenlolz You will love it!! ❤ If you signed up through the link in my profile you'll love the free webinar too! ❤
  • corinnezupko@star.wars.insta 🙏❤
  • corinnezupko@elite5percentfounder Free is fun (especially when it's such a great book!) If you entered the giveaway through the link in my profile you'll love the free webinar too! ❤
  • elite5percentfounder@corinnezupko 😘
  • alifaulkner@ohhkayleigh @manditolly @krishnasmitha @luckylilkris
  • neda_boin❤❤ I'm busy with an album filled with 20 beautiful songs with lyrics all coming different workbook lessons from the Course. Ive performed these songs at events of David Hoffmeister, Willem Glaudemans and in may at Gary Renards event. I see your very much busy with the course as well! Follow me back to stay up to date about my album, who knows we can do something together in the future!! 😊😊🌟🌟❤❤
  • theuntamedlifecoYour energy is awesome, thanks for sharing.
  • corinnezupko@neda_boin this is awesome! So happy to meet you!! ❤
  • corinnezupko@theuntamedlifeco thank you!! ❤❤
  • corinnezupko@neda_boin and I'm always open to collaborations! Love your music girl!! ❤❤
  • owlkittyyoginiI am so excited for this book and the people it will help! @cgonzalez3019 @shebear_
  • florencetaglove
  • jhiggs2@bucksterusa @yaztastic2
  • lisanatoliI'm in !! All signed up and it's the Calendar - Tuesday march 28th at 7pm EST Wooohoo. All excited. I'll be in CA with Bill so that's 4pm for us!
  • lisanatoliI have no idea how to tag people lol new to Instagram
  • corinnezupko@lisanatoli yay! So happy you're in!! to tag type the @ symbol followed by the username. It's super easy 😘😘😘
  • nickmattos2Hey @pygmyocelot, hooray!
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