• loraleelewisTucked between my in-progress wedding paper, is a photo of my Ethan at his very 1st Easter! 🐣 Wish I could just have 💥 ZAPPED 💥 him to stay a munchkin forever! ( OF course I am LOVING his stage now!) It's just the chipmunk cheeks kill me! So I am working on a little Easter surprise 🐣for all the first Easter babies out there and toddlers! Because it is special and it goes by too quick! #loraleelewis #firsteaster #loraleelewiseaster #loraeelewiswedding #loraleelewisfamily

  • drannieleec😍❤️loved those cheeks!
  • loraleelewis@drannieleec I like to think, he got them from me! 😸That, and the charming personality. Yet, his thinned out! 🙀Luckily, the matching charm will never fade! 😁😁 #attaboy
  • greygreybrittMy Grey was born on Easter weekend and I remember everyone bringing me my favorite peeps when they visited!
  • loraleelewis@greygreybritt Oh, that is such a fun hilarious memory! I hope a few were the vanilla kind! 😄
  • leelewisxLove our little boy! This brings back so many memories.
  • askingmumsSending our love ❤
  • wesleysmammaOh my heart just melts!! ❤❤❤
  • dentondebamendWhat an angel he was!
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