Morning 💋
  • khiathugmissesMorning 💋

  • rickypistolaLove you Khia.
  • rickypistolaSending love signals.
  • shesosweet_skittlez@khiathugmisses I see you boo 🌻🌻🌊🌊👑👑
  • freddy_dnajDo you use anything on your skin? It's beautiful!
  • loneshia_@khiathugmisses. I absolutely love you and your personality!!! You are a boss and it is shows!! You are a beautiful queen💕💕💕
  • nos0y_sauce😍😍😘 natural tings 🙌🏽
  • _bvby.deeWhat is your snapchat
  • catlike83You're natural beauty... priceless!!!! 😍😍
  • bipolarreddjazzMorning gorgeous! @khiathugmisses
  • kittypretty25Good morning queen 😍😘😘
  • 711_jaz😍😍😍😘😘😘
  • lexaa.lopezWhere can I learn to be as poppin as you? 😭🙏🏻👸👑
  • _kingwoodd@khiathugmisses when I say you give me life man!!!!! 🖤😘😫 you funny asf and the damn truth'
  • born2p3rformNEXT CALLER NEXT CALLER CUZ YOU AINT TALKIN BOUT NUTHIN YOU AIBT TALKIN BOUT NUTHIN BITCH! @khiathugmisses Luv You. Case close Next Caseeee.......
  • tlady03You over there getting better with time! ❤️
  • bianca_kardashianyou crooked mouth bitch! I'm so sick of your saggy titty no hit having ass! With that whack ass pussy you got bitch. Obviously yo sour ass cat don't cost that much with them target sheets you got on your bed! Sis when you gone stop mopping the floor with them titties! that's why Janet put yo lame ass in that small ass tv 😭😭😭 you one hit wonder. Oh yeah sis when you going back to Piedmont park? So I can get one of your CDs!
  • vanwashiiYour beautiful!! Done listen to these LAMES❌ Your are a QUEEN 👑👑
  • chozenonlyDo ya thang Khia
  • chungo_88😍😍😍😍
  • garnesthaakidd_So gorgeous 😍😍❤❤❤❗❗❗ I love you❤
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