• craigwinslowDid the past two weeks really happen? Seriously, I had the best time escaping reality with these three friend-strangers. 2 intense weeks of a road trip, taking over @adobecreativecloud insta story the whole way, and then speaking at #SXSW. —
    Now, on my way back to Portland, (a jarring day early because of this incoming storm!) I suddenly feel strange to go back to whatever my routine is.

    Thanks again @erinconger, @imbrandonjones, and @mbignell for putting trust in me that 4 strangers in a car for 2 weeks was somehow a great idea. Let's do it again sometime. 🙌

    It's comforting to know that this is the end of one journey, but the start of another, bigger adventure I greatly look forward to. 💚

  • craigwinslow@Adobe #creativeresidency #lightcapsules #sxsw #roadtrip
  • maijkahYou're livin, man. Can't wait to hear all about it
  • erincongerMannnnn. What a surreal time.
  • doctoreyedesignAwesome see you tomorrow white sand
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