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  • dangrundAnother Freeskier test in the books! 5 days, 85 pairs of skis, 3 tomahawks, >12 beers a day, a dozen breakfast burritos, too much pot chocolate, 1 Dino costume worn, 1 yeti cooler won, and zero jerries destroyed (though not for a lack of me popping blind rollers). We did it fam! Till next year.

  • dangrund#freeskierfest
  • mfilanderDope
  • kayksparrowYeti cooler... 😍
  • thedbogsYas queen
  • adrian.bee9 Mormon weddings attended
  • modernmtnman@dangrund cool shot! 👍🏼👍🏼
  • dangrund@adrian.bee *one wedding, 9 wives*
  • hanklambo🙌🏼
  • carlson_maxThis is sweet
  • jenny_ryden_harris👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🏆
  • nnileemiaDuuuude 🤘🏻
  • frickindarnHow were those segos?
  • dangrund@frickindarn which? There were 3 or 4 haha
  • frickindarnThe white pair with the sweet unicorn on them lol.
  • dangrund@frickindarn oh, that's Lindsay dyers pro model. V burly and stable and built for charging but with some pop in the tails when you want to get sendy. Would not recommend it at all for the type of skiing you do, but the sego big horn would be more your style. If I were you looking for a perfect one ski quiver for like an all mountain park ski you can still charge and float through some fresh, get the j skis allplay and mount recommended.
  • frickindarn10/10 review. Would recommend to TGR forums. Thanks man! I appreciate it a ton.
  • dangrund@frickindarn lol. The top sheet is deceptive. It's an aggressive ski.
  • frickindarnI like my skis how I like my women. Super flexible and fun to push in the slush.
  • dangrund@frickindarn haha I hope you told that to your girlfriend. Definitely @j_skis allplay all day! Flexy as fuck but still super responsive, not floppy. Since you're a keystone guy.. you could start your day laying trenches down starfire, then spin two laps through the back bowls, and then spend the rest of the day jibbing around the park and it would feel at home in all three places
  • frickindarnI've got a friend whose letting me try a pair of hers this weekend. We're heading over to monarch for a day and I'm amped up on em. Thanks again mango!
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