***NEW POST ALERT 🚨: YOUR NEW BEGINNING STARTS TODAY*** "What if I told you that this week you were going to receive the miracle that you’ve been hoping to see, would you believe me?

Picture it. You get a call that your student loan debt has been suddenly forgiven. Your book your dream client for your business. You receive a check in the mail for $8,000 out of the blue. You get offered your dream job. Someone decides to give you their luxury condominium. You get offered a 6-figure book deal. Your sales for your business skyrocket over night because a celebrity randomly gave you a shout out on social media. Your marriage gets restored and your husband is a new man. The promise that God gave you about getting married this year suddenly seems plausible when the man of your dreams walks in your life. You finally get promoted to be the head of your department at work with double your current salary.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “That’s not happening to me Maria.” But what if you’re wrong and it’s that type of thinking that is blocking your blessings.

I’ve actually had TWO of the the things listed happen to me and if someone would have told me that it was coming, I would have never ever believed them because my circumstances told me differently which is why you can’t trust what you see. Your life can change overnight and God can do more for you in the next 24 hours than you could see done in a lifetime." Read the rest at embraceherlegacy.com!!! #embraceherlegacy #newbeggining  #girlboss #bossbabe #womenempoweringwomen #empoweringwomen #womeninbusiness #faith #faithful #womanofgod #womenoffaith #goals #goalsetting #inspiration #legacy #purpose #christianwoman #jesusgirl #coaching  #daughteroftheking #womenentrepreneurs #amen #believe #hope #legacy #purpose  #millennialwomen #visionary #vision #restoration
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