• skortchI will miss Amy for her wit, her charm, her puns; she truly brought people together. She was a kindred spirit and I am so proud to be a small part of her creative legacy. I read Spoon today at a school visit to 1st graders, I can't think of a better way to mark the day. Here's a picture of me and my boys at signing for Spoon a few years ago. It was a good day. ❤️️

  • juliadenos❤️
  • johnhendrixReading spoon tonight in her honor- one of my daughters favorites ...
  • skortch@johnhendrix thanks man....appreciate it!!
  • atovabSPOONS and CHOPSTICKS are two of our favorites. It's a wonderful photo and a lovely post.
  • skortch@atovab Thank you. 😊
  • nvcrittendenThinking of you @skortch
  • skortch@nvcrittenden Thanks. 😌
  • careyjo7
  • kidlitgirlHugs to you, Scott!
  • skortch@kidlitgirl thank you
  • skortch@careyjo7 thanks 🙏🏻
  • vickmorr💔😭 beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a cute picture.
  • waltersilvaI was there that day and met you both! Fun evening👍🏻
  • lisaanngbHad a friend in TX that loved spoon and chopsticks and that's how I heard about Amy....so odd that people bring people together. So sorry for your loss Scott. We love the books you and Amy had together. She was clearly special.
  • alex_p.devlinWhat a great family...love you from afar...
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