• roguewoodsupplyThe whole family was up watching Zootopia at 3:30 last night, and that full moon was so bright it lit up the entire house and yard. Is anyone else's brain operating on overdrive lately? I feel like I've got one thousand ideas and not enough time to hash them out. It's getting tricky deciding which ones take priority over the other.
    The full Crow Moon will be influencing us for a few days, and now is the perfect time to use the extra energy boost to get organized, and maybe even consider starting that spring cleaning. The Crow Moon brings new inspirational ideas. Whatever area in your life is asking for your energy, go full bore while you can! If you have new projects, are beginning a cleanse or detox or new health/lifestyle regime, or if your closets and cupboards are asking for some attention, give it your all. Maaaaybe just don't stay up 'til the witching hour watching kids cartoons. 🤓
    Crystalscopes head out to inboxes tomorrow morning; you can follow the link in my profile to snag yours if you're curious about what's going on out there energetically, and how it's influencing you.
    And, of course, if you feel like you need more than that and some extra attention, come visit me for a crystal reading this Wednesday. I've got some spots left this week! You can connect with me to book your spot at vanessa@roguewoodsupply.com. ✨✨✨

  • roguewoodsupply.
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  • sarahcameronjewelryYes! Last night I had trouble sleeping too. Couldn't get my brain to calm down.
  • sarahcameronjewelryAnd same: one million ideas but no time to execute everything I want to.
  • ashdeaner@gussy_16
  • roguewoodsupply@sarahcameronjewelry we are two peas in a pod! (There is no pea pod emoji and that is a serious shame) I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling this! 👭
  • roguewoodsupplyI hope you loved your reading @ashdeaner!! 😘
  • gussy_16Thx @ashdeaner :)
  • drkuczmaYes yes yes!!! Up until 3am over here 😑 Thank you for the perfect message at the perfect time !
  • roguewoodsupply@drkuczma that dang moon! I hope you had some stellar ideas come out of that wake up call! 💡
  • denisedarlingYour nails look like delicious candy!
  • sourceandseaStory. Of. My. Life. Goin full force as much as possible but my body canNOT catch up to my brain and heart! #SoManyIdeas ✨🌕✨
  • barnswallowdesignFeeling this like nobody's business. The ideas are flooding in constantly and I've had to start journaling them for later because I can't keep up. Loving it. 🙌 @roguewoodsupply
  • roguewoodsupply@denisedarling you made my day. 💅🏻
  • roguewoodsupply@sourceandsea I am so so right there with you girl. 👭
  • roguewoodsupply@barnswallowdesign same! I actually woke up late the last two nights and journaled!!
  • drkuczmaI really did!!!! Having to do a complete 180 in order to redirect my energy and fulfill what ideas came up during this moon..... Shifting into a higher gear 😊
  • creeryanRemember what you said yesterday? Van was up from 3:30-4:30 last night. 😳 WTF
  • roguewoodsupply@creeryan come on! Children are soooo sensitive to moon energy - especially full moons! I hope you guys weren't too tired today. 😣😣😣
  • mbarkleyDo you ever offer readings on the weekends?
  • roguewoodsupply@mbarkley I just offer readings on Wednesday evenings right now! It will be that way for spring 😊
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