• ravennicolegatesTonight on stage I wore green for a particular reason that's near and dear to my heart- Hoxie- The 1st Stand. Although I was unable to attend 🌹 today Hoxie was celebrated at the Arkansas State Capitol for the 1955 integration of Hoxie Schools. The first challenged integration in the United States, Hoxie set the precedent for all other integrations in the country.
    There are two important lessons we can learn from remembering historical moments such as the story of the 1955 integration. 1.) Small communities such as Hoxie can bring change to the United States, & have a ripple effect across the world. 2.) We will always overcome adversity through diversity. #TheBachelor

  • devtrout@ravennicolegates DATE LUKE 💜 @luke__pell 😍
  • baaazhang???? READ THIS CAPTION How did nick not pick her WTF @chicken.hat @carolinezemsky
  • lauracbeanYou are amazing!!!! Never ever doubt your worth.
  • tmariecavI adore you. You are a beautiful soul inside and out!!
  • latysha.d_x2Ur so pretty and cute I wish you'd win the show❤️
  • curvilyOh Raven I 💜you even more now!
  • spencertoweryYou are awesome Thank you for all you do.
  • jacquelinemccormickDang raven @japedickerson @kyleofurious
  • reyngrlYou are the best
  • laylamaryamUm, it's a celebration for challenging integration or celebrating that they lost their challenge to integration? Genuine question.
  • kahahauurLove you Raven!! Nick is a fuckin moron.
  • baileyedge@mlux10 @tina.mao wow love her even more now
  • miche11e_jones@ravennicolegates & @jamesmccoytaylor I am SOOOOOOO rooting for the two of you to fall in love in Paradise! ❤🌴 You both were my favorites on each of your seasons, and I think you two together would really be something amazing!!!! 🔥
  • nifty50photographyYou are such a beauty inside & out @ravennicolegates ❤️ If you ever visit Vancouver BC I'd love to do a free shoot for you girl
  • proudmommamayhairYou were so classy in the way you handled yourself! Made Arkansas proud!!!
  • meegsrae@miche11e_jones spot on! I agree!
  • popuch@davidpst
  • applevetreeGracious woman nick such a moron
  • _rachefoxCan't wait to see you find love in paradise!! 💋🌴 p.s. if you date james taylor my heart will melt with happiness 😍❕
  • missmarybear@514memes you're a troll.
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