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  • ivyarchFinished Farrow Dress (modified), sewn before sunset #Monday #dressmaking #farrowdress

  • miragdesignsNice twirling dress. ❤❤
  • rachaelkaygiftsOoh - I do love a high-low hemline! 💕💕
  • sirle_oderLove it!
  • dogmother47I do too!
  • twocatsanddoghookingGreat comfy looking dress
  • knitsewtoI really love this! I just bought the pattern and would love to know two things. What mods did you do? What weight fabric is this? The drape is wonderful!
  • jackielovesclogsLovely - great hemline 💟💟
  • ivyarch@knitsewto Thanks! I closed up the back fastening and scooped the front neckline a tad lower so that I can easily fit the dress on over my head. I don't like the feel of buttons on the back, nor the fiddle of doing them up, or sewing the button and loop. The fabric is medium weight 100% cotton, it is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. It's Cotton + Steel drawing pin print fabric bought from @eternalmaker
  • knitsewtoSuper! Thanks! Look at this @girlto
  • knittingwomanGood advice about the Farrow dress. I want to make this next and like you, I don't want to fiddle with buttonholes at the back. I'm in the process of finishing two cappuccino dresses.
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