The other day I went to see my grandma. My family is full of strong female artists ❤️
  • frannerdThe other day I went to see my grandma. My family is full of strong female artists ❤️

  • mr.jpmarch@audraauclair in the 20th century, women were only allowed to take photos, because photography was considered a minor art
  • letmyheartwinCan't wait to see your sketches from your trip home! Have so much fun - you deserve it!!
  • tstggiaonguyenPainting and sexist? Like really!? Imma' burn that weird history😑
  • blackmountainartBeautiful story Fran.
  • latiendaeioY a ella le gustaba pintar?? Que triste :( espero que haya podido pintar después de aquello ^^
  • nelanotneilaThis is so interesting. How sexism in the past differed in different cultures. Somewhere else painting would be considered one of the very few things a woman actually could do, together with embroidery and other "pretty, gentle stuff". Anyway, your Grandma is awesome. ✊
  • amenakayMy aunt is my artist inspiration ;) She was the only one in my family to encourage my creative outlet; to be an artist 🎨
  • triipping.eyes💪
  • maria_journalEstas historias son las que de verdad me inspiran. Gracias por compartirlo Fran. Aprovecha estos días con tu familia 💗
  • ty.tansleySo beautiful, I'd love to see the fill thing!
  • b_leafletso cool to have artists in the family 💜
  • ritovikFran!! estarán vendiendo libritos este viernes?👀💐
  • remorada💜
  • caitlinndrawsThat's adorable that she calls you sailor moon.❤️ I'm so glad that she didn't give up painting!
  • _mayraglzQUE HERMOSAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭❤
  • danilepepe😍
  • tamarasturmillustration
  • zertistPrecious!!
  • wordturnsthank u for inspiring gratitude for freedoms that seem small until they're taken away. and adorable drawing 😊
  • bekdesignYou should really make a font of your lettering! I would definitely buy it. It's quirky and cute
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