• butchers.pantrySoppressata Calabrese | hot soppressata stuffed into "Crespone" hog middles and pressed! Breaking in the all stainless salami press. #salami #salumi #salumificio #pressed #pressata #calabrese #crespone

  • fugemeatPorn
  • home.charcuterieOk... why exactly do we pressed these guys. I never really understood that one?
  • marcusgirard@home.charcuterie It is the more traditional preparation for Soppressata di Calabria. 😁
  • butchers.pantry@home.charcuterie - 1) For us, because it looks cool. - but also, 2) it will decrease drying time by making the diameter smaller. 3) for this particular product it is a traditional preparation. 4) I like that it squares the cut on the cutting board, no rolling around. 5) because we can...? Haha
  • home.charcuterieNo. 1 sounds reasonable enough! 😜 I had pressed some of my soppressatas too but I stopped cus I didn't really understand the purpose, other than point 1, 4 and 5 above!!! 😂
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