• jasongraymusicThis might be the best thing you read all day, #Repost @nicholenordeman
    Still ruminating on this sermon from Weds night at The Table. Let the wheat and weeds grow together. Sometimes we cannot yet distinguish between the things in our lives that are meant to choke or bloom.
    Trust God to separate and harvest, not yourself.
    Weeds are teachers. Don't yank them up too quickly. The harmful, toxic people you're trying to distance yourself from? The job, the church, the friend, the health scare, the financial stress? LET IT BE. Let the roots do their work beneath the soil, until God makes it clear what is meant for harvest and what is meant for the fire.
    Easy words to type. So hard to live.

  • lindasue_71Definitely the best! Thank you.
  • winnielouswiftProfound. Love your writing after the quote. Great insight!!!
  • bushmaidWow.
  • aunticatsLet go and let GOD:)♡♡♡
  • jennymariedarwoodAwesomeness!
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