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  • raulriesPraying r uuu

  • mrsvsamano_❤️🙏🙏🙏
  • williejr1969Thank You Pastor,may God's Loving Comforting and Healing Hands be upon you always and Your Love ones,a special blessing for your Grandkids. ✝🕊🌿🕊✝🙏🏼✝❤✝ ✡🇮🇱✡🙏🏼✡🇮🇱✡🙏🏼✡
  • prayer_ninja_And how can you tell Jesus Reigns as King in your life? 1) from the Love we have for each other​ and 2) just like Pastor Ries, you think, talk, walk, drive, smile, breathe the Lord. 😊 I can only pray to be this Kind of Example to my brothers and sisters!
  • elielflores55Great encouragement from the Word of our God and Creator, may we fully expect God to make a daily difference
  • bymagdamichelleThanks as always 💕 please pray for me I'm not in church because I feel like a fool goin alone and I got fed up
  • joy.rachelleLuv u so much Raul in Honolulu! Try to catch you on KLITE!! 🤙🤙🤙❤
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