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  • helprefugeesukAt 5am this morning police evicted two squats in Athens and around 200 people were apprehended. Their access to a lawyer was denied under the pretence they were being “held back” and not technically “detained”
    Lawyers can be seen in this video talking to Greek police, who refused them visitation regarding their decision and the right to hand out documents to help the refugees communicate with the police.
    Our partners @khoraathens have reported a policeman admitted he knows the orders he was following go against refugees’ rights.
    An update this afternoon has let us know that detainees with European passports have been released without charge but those who do not have the correct paperwork are likely to be taken to detention centres.
    Volunteer groups on the ground are working to try and provide emergency accommodation as their temporary homes have now been evicted.
    Lawyers are also in conversation with the police and have requested that those who do not have the ‘legal status’ to stay on the mainland be allowed to stay until they are helped with their asylum claims.
    We are deeply concerned that this policy of evicting unofficial accommodation centres will continue and 1000s more may be at risk of loosing their homes in the weeks to come.

  • sophielouise77Absolutely ridiculous. What's the point in having laws and rights if those who are meant to maintain them are the ones who are violating them?
  • dollsofhopeThis just made my heart sink. So disheartening.
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