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  • kristenhowertonExcited for Jafta to be playing on a few songs at beer and hymns on Sunday. It's hard to give kids the vision of why they should keep practicing, and getting to play with a real band is a fun pay-off for all of his hard work over the past two years. Really proud of him.

  • bjhickmanI love this.
  • annlee2454VERY COOL!
  • sarabethfachetti💖
  • wineshopathome_withbrookeGo Jafta!
  • naomid1120This is something I struggle with. My kids (especially my oldest, 10) will get super excited and interested in something, become fairly skilled in it, but then just quit. Idk why, it's hard to motivate them to continue to practice. Now, if I "make" then practice, they'll do it happily, but that's the thing, I have to be the one to mention it to them, they don't just come up with the idea of "I should go practice ___ today". It's frustrating because I want them to be self-motivated but I also don't want them to lose skills
  • ambermillerorgAmazing ❤
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