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  • thisis50@iampvnch × @iamsafaree interview out now 🎬 2 Million Dollars and Safaree will call it even with Nicki Minaj 🤔 .... do you think he's low balling himself or asking for too much ??? #safaree #nickiminaj #thisis50

  • lifesablastx0Wayyyy to low!!! Girl hasn't dropped a hot freestyle since she kicked him outta her bed
  • richgangpkstThis nigga is the biggest bitch in the world the only reason we kno of him is because of her nd the nigga trying to blackmail a female these niggas are so fraud
  • shay_realzLow balling he deserves and should get more.....hes the realist in her corner cause he still has not said anything bad about her when he probaly got all sort of stories....shr
  • im_beneficial_i_been_official@andbclothing
  • southsidesfinest_86Never trust a dude who's whole kneecap is coming out his jeans. Whatchu been doin brah?
  • brooklyn_redgalHe deserves WAYYYYYYY more!!!
  • millzdadBum ass nigga... Bitter as fuck
  • leave1979Defiantly Low Balling that number I just don't know how someone in good conscious can live on knowing that this person got me all these hits and I'm not gonna bless them for where they took me...... Both need to get on from this and back to the music it's a win for both period
  • dqwerty4315Get you a lawyer shut up and move on. I think he know he has no claim to any money that's why he talking money to media. Let your lawyer talk. Smh the people y'all defend
  • marialalocitaHe said he wished he asked for more ...does this mean Nicki lawyers has contacted him to pay him
  • meika_76Low balling
  • warriorking24Nicki should give Safaree $200 and call it a day
  • afishamusicOnly 2 milli?
  • tashianarobinsonLow balling himself
  • candicasual22Ask for more......😈
  • henrytonyaMove on bruh if you can write her some hits you can write your own
  • redd1874Just walk away u sound fuckd up smh
  • eventzxoIt's a fact he contributed to her work he was just stupid not to have it all in writing because they were dating and together for over a decade! Give that man his due he deserves at least 10 million....if it was the other way around this wouldn't even be a question nobody would be calling Nicki bitter and a bum!
  • alonzo_morn_ingShit 2milli nigga can start his own brand
  • thetruth_00789@eventzxo Right, Folks would be Crying out to safaree to give Nicki Money, (Just they did to that shoe Company)
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