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  • johnnydrilleYou have no idea how humbled I am that he has that much faith in us, not a lotta people were willing to give my sound a chance. The day we dropped the video for #WaitForMe I could have cried from seeing that much love from everyone. I feel really blessed to be a part of the #Mavin family and I'm really excited about the future. 🙏

    Have you seen #WaitForMe video??? Link in my bio.

  • victrey👍🏾
  • johnnydrille@bellaroseo looool. My tear glands are dry.
  • philemonyaroDon't be surprised folks will start sounding like u, hahahahaha....yo style of music will survive in 9ja and every part of the world, I told my friends u are the future of Nigerian music. no worry your self. Sit tight and enjoy the love from us. @johnnydrille
  • _aboutmaryWe are so proud of you Johnny. I wish you the best
  • hardun_horlahLove u johnny 😘😘😘@johnnydrille
  • ehizik@johnnydrille been proud of who you are and been happy for you is an understatement if there would be any word more than that. Ure unique like i told @jephasphalt Ure just starting. Way up. Blessings
  • motietruWow...@isaacisumanu
  • _kechee_@elzubaidat
  • odeyvictorialmao 😂😂😂😂😂 go make him cry
  • dearzinnieI've loved you like that too😘😘😘😘The first time I heard Beautiful love was inside Agofure bus in port harcourt and I was drawn to the song that I immediately googled some part of the lyrics so I could download it. I never listen to it once when it's playing on my phone, its always on repeat❤️❤️❤️
  • mrayotundeI am short of words at the moment....This song is amazing @johnnydrille. I have listened to it over and over and I can't explain how I feel anymore..So touching. Thank you for this alternative song. You are here to stay...I could go on and on
  • yannickxphilippeMake sense
  • yannickxphilippeKeep pushin bro progress awaits you #itsyourtime
  • oloyedetomGreat sound
  • okblessofficialNice one
  • hilvanosahonPeople call it alternative music, we call it ROCK, for me you do the best genre of music ever, you music is going to sell across the shores of this country that I'm certain @johnnydrille love you music love #softrock/alternative music
  • kiz_kamzyThanks@donjazzy for taking the risk🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥
  • motivation_by_yishaI can't count the number of times I have listened to wait for me....
  • life.of_davisWish u best of luck @johnnydrille
  • iam_abellyI love his music, I just found out abt him today and his music taking me over. Making me fall in love over again. It's all about Jamz and Beatz sometimes we want to close our eyes and think deep with music like @johnnydrille. God bless and I am glad u own that talent.
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