• walk_west"In my experience, the best stories come from taking an opportunity to walk west. After college, I took an unpaid internship in Colorado where I only knew one person. As I looked for an opportunity to put my film degree to work, I came across a vague ad on craigslist looking for a cameraman to record some type of performance, with the promise of a small cash payment. 'Hey, it’s craigslist,' I said to myself, 'what’s the worst that could happen?' I show up to a sketchy dive bar and walk into a rap battle competition. There were around a dozen bouts, with performances ranging from hilariously bad, to nearly impressive. I got sucked deeper and deeper into the fascinating subculture but made a quick exit after the 'Behind the Bar Battles' event turned into an actual fist fight behind the bar. Oh sweet irony." #walkweststory

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