• newcrafthouseWe had a brilliant time with @elisalex running Embroidery workshops on Saturday, the after party put us out of action yesterday (who said crafters can't party?) but we are back on the ball this week and hosting the final workshop tomorrow evening. This is your last chance to come and learn embroidery with Elisalex for a while and there are still some tickets left, don't miss out! Shop link in bio ✨ pic feat. @gabberdashery @clairesews 👋

  • elisalexSo. Much. FUN!
  • elisalexAlso, there ain't no party like a crafter-party...!
  • newcrafthouse@elisalex 💃💃💃
  • fommvintage😍😍😍
  • zigguratxyzThat spark of blue hair! The lesser spotted @Gabberdashery.
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