• visitkcIs it Friday yet?! #StPatricksDay is nearly here and #KC is ready to celebrate. ☘️ Kansas City’s Irish roots date back to the mid-1800s, when immigrants lent their expertise and labor to help shape the rocky terrain of Westport and Independence into the metro we know today. These settlers brought their customs across the Atlantic Ocean as well, including music, dance, food and yes, St. Patrick’s Day.
    Today, the Celtic culture continues to be a proud KC institution, with regional cuisine and establishments promoting Irish heritage while organizations like the Kansas City Irish Center preserve and celebrate the strong connection between the Emerald Isle and KC.
    #HowWeDoKC #instaKC

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  • ceanntraI moved from Ireland to Chicago over 25 years ago, now thinking of moving to KC
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  • selfawarechildPretty cool :)
  • bluemonarchkcYour account is 💯 :D ☝️
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