Well thank you @garniergr for taking care of my hair with oat milk delicacy.
#botanictherapy #garnier #garniergr #oatmilkdelicacy #greekblogger #blogger #bloggerslife #hairtherapy #springstyle #noparabens
  • marian_blissWell thank you @garniergr for taking care of my hair with oat milk delicacy.
    #botanictherapy #garnier #garniergr #oatmilkdelicacy #greekblogger #blogger #bloggerslife #hairtherapy #springstyle #noparabens
  • somanybreathsofjoyHello my dearest & a wonderful new week ahead! I love these series, I have actually been using the Oatmilk Shampoo since quite sometime now & love it! On another notice, reading your mail brought me true Joy on so many levels! Thank you for taking the time & being there ❤ I'll write you back (as soon as I catch up with mail correspondence & being on line again 🙈) Most of all I can't wait till our next meeting! Polla filakia! @marian_bliss
  • arisgoldberg😀
  • euapapΓυρίσατεεεε;;;;
  • marian_bliss@somanybreathsofjoy so happy to read your words here again. I was quite worried from your absence. I hope you had a beautiful birthday and can't wait to hear you telling me live ☺️😘
  • marian_bliss@euapap ω ναι! Επιστροφή στη βάση μας 😊😘😘😘
  • somanybreathsofjoyThis is the thing with us connecting here, a couple of... hours of "silence" & we start being concerned about one another. Nothing to worry about my sweet friend. ❤ I was just being really connected to myself & all that matters (of course not excluding friends here!) while giving also my "madly" typing fingers a little rest (as regular posting here comes together with long texts so often) much love, hugs & see you soon 😍☺😘 @marian_bliss
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