• shivyaThey say some sunrises are best shared. Shared with someone who is as groggy in the morning as you, but as wide-eyed at the mist-laden Eastern Ghats and the rising red ball of fire. Someone who feels heady with the pure air too, who is content sitting for hours in an endless orchard with huge old mango trees, who loves the silence scattered with calls of lapwings and serpent eagles. Someone who you can spend hours chatting about life's most baffling questions and about nothing at all ☀️
    As much as I love my solitude, I love sharing my sunrises with someone like that. This weekend was such a weekend, in the wilderness of Dhenkanal in Eastern Odisha 😍
    And you, who would you love to share a sunrise like this with? Tag them in the comments 👇
    PS: Thanks to @full_odisha @insta_maharashtra for featuring my photos recently; follow them for India travel inspiration! .
    #theshootingstar #sunrise #odisha #incredibleindia #indiapictures

  • harman.krSurreal. :)
  • puvotosLotsa ppl but mainly @northstalgia n @deedeedesai
  • puvotosAlso then share with the Fb world :p
  • simratahluwaliaIncredible
  • sumedhajoWow what a brilliant shot 😍 Beautifully captured 😊
  • flshinesunWhat a Beautiful caption...this is why I love instagram. So happy to read beautiful words like these and see amazing pictures of the world. Such a great medium. Thanks for your posts :D
  • minikinescapadesAll those golden hues, how stunning
  • the_lifetime_journeysuper duper lovely shot dear : )
  • misra_sovanNice click, is it somewhere around Kapilas? Such a nice place and peaceful place is Dhenkanal along with the its nature, surrounded by mountains and forest. Lucky to be born and brought up here!
  • crossborder_talesWauw awesome! Enjoy 💕
  • amarphotography_in
  • thatweirdgauravI always like to share the ones i click!! This flaming one looks just as awesome! Hope u are having fun in Odisha..its a pretty place!
  • mymessyplace😍
  • namdevmaskarNice
  • manikgroverWoah, looked like that cup was floating, brilliant click
  • dreamsnmeWhat a marvellous shot
  • moromeemishraHow do I explain the fluttery effect in my tummy when I read ur posts😍😍falling in love with them over and over again...
  • kingsuk_singhaHow far from Bhubaneswar? @shivya
  • sudeep912Wow😍
  • jenygoesplacesI just saw this. Such a lovely shot 😍
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