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  • beckybecbecChasing the bioluminescence in Burnie tonite

  • amyashendenjournoHi, please may we publish this video on the Evening Standard site with a credit to you? Many thanks
  • beckybecbec@amyashendenjourno Hi there Amy. Sure can, thanks for asking 😊
  • amyashendenjournoThanks very much!
  • insta_alex_hHi Becky, great video. I work on a kids news programme at the BBC and would love to use this video on my programme today. Would that be OK, and would you be able to send me the video over email via Dropbox or something similar please? Thanks, Alex
  • beckybecbec@insta_alex_h Hey Alex, not a worry at all. I can email it? What's the best address?
  • mrpwillisThe Guardian: Tasmania's coastline glows in the dark as plankton turn blue. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw8ZCRyjQ
  • beckybecbec@mrpwillis yeah I saw this!! 😊😊😊
  • tommy__haleHey Becky. I'm a writer for IFLScience. We'd love to use your video for our website, could we have you permission to use it? Cheers!
  • beckybecbec@tommy__hale hi there Tommy. Sure can 👌 Thanks for asking 😊
  • reutersugcHi @beckybecbec, I work for Reuters news agency. I hope you are doing well. The glowing sea looks amazing. Could you please email me at mengchen.li@thomsonreuters.com if you took this? Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks!
  • beckybecbec@reutersugc Sure did take this video... Will email now 😊
  • bashley913Hi @Beckybecbec Im a producer with Weather.com, did you take this video and may we use it with a credit to you on screen?
  • insta_alex_h@beckybecbec hi Becky, thanks for replying. I'm hoping to run it tomorrow now instead. If you could email it to Alexandra.humphreys@bbc.co.uk that would be fab - thanks a lot. I'll put a caption with your name on it too
  • beckybecbec@bashley913 yes I did take this video and yes you can use it. Thanks for asking 😊
  • bashley913Thanks so much!
  • beckybecbec@insta_alex_h Done!
  • beckybecbec@insta_alex_h Apparently file size too large. Its only 13.5mb. Do you have another email address to try?
  • nikkituresBecca so famous.
  • beckybecbec@nikkitures bizarre!
  • insta_alex_h@beckybecbec hi, ah ok try allyhumphreys100@hotmail.com thanks!
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