• steph_dontbuyherflowersStarting Monday with something that everyone can share for a Monday feel-good feeling. 👍❤️👌 Repost @sasandyosh with @repostapp
    The first of our 'Organ Donor' Murals is all about WHO can sign up to be a donor. Well just about anyone to be honest! There is NO age limit on donation. You can be a drinker or a smoker and still be a donor. There is NO race or religion that states you can't donate and this is so important because donors from ALL different ethnic backgrounds are desperately needed. You can even be a donor if you have a long term sickness or serious illness. You can donate your lungs, liver, corneas, heart, lungs, small bowel, pancreas and kidneys. You can also sign up to the Living Donor list to donate liver, kidney, tissue and bone to a loved one or a stranger.......So what are you waiting for? Sign up today follow the link in the bio at @nhsorgandonor and don't forget the MOST important thing....Tell your family or next of kin your wishes. It's so important!! #listerhospital #sasandyosh #designhouse #designduo #organdonation #organdonormural #organdonationregistration

  • sasandyoshThanks so much Steph xx we really appreciate the post. Have a super day xx ❤️
  • figandbloomLove this! On my unused US drivers license I am a donor but nice to know where to sign up here👏🏻👏🏻✨💛D
  • lauranoradoraI've always been a donor. My great grandmother who died way before I was born donated her corneas and a little girl was given the gift of sight. Even way back then in the late 1950's it was in her will to be a doner.
  • thefashioncraverI've been a donor since a young friend past away in a car accident. I think it's really important and raising awareness is great. 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤
  • victoriamphillipsMy 2 year old son is waiting for a kidney ... love that u shared this 🙌🏼👏🏻❣️
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