• khschreckWhat did I love most about Windy City Blues? Was it the fascinating, complicated, and believable cast of characters? The rich, fully realized setting of 1950s & '60s Chicago? The complicated nature of the novel's conflict, the plot with its high stakes and twists and turns? The abundance of evocative historical detail? Or was it the deeper understanding I gained about racial strife and social challenge, and the transformative power of music, as manifested in the Blues? It was all of this, of course, all of this and more, working together as one to create a most memorable novel. I've read all of Renee Rosen's books—I've always been captivated by her work—and once again with Windy City Blues, she has clearly done impeccable research and melded it (seemingly effortlessly) with her vivid imagination. Rosen is an author who knows how to blend fact with fiction and maintain absolute integrity. The end result: not only did I feel like I was hearing the music in Windy City Blues, I felt like I was living it, and an era—one that has vital implications for our world today.
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  • reneerosen_Thank you Karen! 😘
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