• underthesycamoreI heard this was a museum you want to wear yoga pants & tennis shoes, so thankful I listened. I saw a mom in wedge booties and skinny jeans. I wanted to give her a hug and my shoes! {@citymuseum St. Louis - SO MUCH FUN!!} #Campbell7LetsGo .
    **Unfortunately we didn't notice a sign about the massive amounts of car robberies in nearby parking lots & parking garages (not City Museum's lot). Our car was broken into and we lost so many significant things. If you visit, research the safest parking. It's just stuff, but it soured our time in St. Louis.

  • boughtbeautifullyOh noooooo. What a bummer. I'm so sorry.
  • katrinaanjaI'm so sorry that was your experience in my city. :( Praying that it will all be restored to you and your family. All of it.
  • ann_do_dahThat is the coolest museum ever! Sorry about the car break in though :(
  • hellopeachdavisI'm so sorry. That's awful. :(
  • happythisOh crap. I'm sorry.
  • wellelsaMy car
  • wellelsaOops, sent too soon Fat fingers! Our car was broken into when I was a kid (about 9) while staying Baltimore, on the way to Amish Country. Only my camera was stolen but I felt so violated. I just couldn't fathom the justification of taking someone else's things. I dwelled on it and cried & cried. It made me feel so vulnerable.
  • kingsleygretchenWe were there this past summer and I was excited to go but our kids are still a little too young to enjoy it fully. Can't wait to go back in a few years. So sorry to hear about the robbery. It feels like such a violation.
  • wellelsaThen, in college, I got a scholarship to study at Haystack School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine. I carpooled with another student from Virginia. We stayed overnight in Boston where someone broke into her trunk and stole all of my woodworking stuff, $100s worth of tools. My husband & I were newlyweds & college students with a Ramen Noodle budget so it was a "punch to the gut". Sorry it happened to y'all :(
  • leslie_padgettAshley, I read this post earlier and wow. What a juxtaposition of great and awful. And then, I just came across this interesting and profound passage and thought of you. Maybe it's a bit of encouragement. ❤️ Heb 10:32-35. (I'm partial to the esv.) Hug.
  • kaydeegeeeI am so very sorry this happened to your family ... our car was broken into on our honeymoon ... we lost our wedding video. We can joke about it now, but at the time ... 😢.
  • nataliegessellOh I am so sorry! We had this happen to us when on a family vacation, our first stop we made we came back to find many of our personal belongings gone...such a terrible feeling and hard way to start a vacation. So sorry this happened.
  • rainydaywrenThat happened to us in San Francisco, it changed our entire trip, and was so hard to shake off.
  • katherinekrugerThe exact same thing happened to our family today in St Louis! So sorry for your loss. We are still working through ours.
  • thefox_thehoundI am so sorry! That is such a horrible feeling! Just a few weeks after my husband and I got married he had packed our car up to go on a camping trip. We had just moved into a brand new house in a brand new neighborhood and felt like it was pretty safe. When he went out the next morning, everything was gone. We didn't care much about the camping gear, all that could have been replaced. But they took his dad's 1970s Canon camera and bag that had all of our honeymoon pictures in it. It breaks my heart that they took that 1 thing that held no value for them.
  • laurenfunkMy mom's purse was stolen in probably this same lot about 15 years ago. The only thing she cries about losing were her kids pictures that were tucked inside her wallet. I'll never forget that. (And im sorry this happened to you in my city. :( )
  • channydbAs a life long resident of St. Louis I am so sorry. Sigh. The crime in our amazing city has gotten completely out of control. We live outside the city limits and I have watched our city in the last five years be cloaked in crime in areas that were previously very safe. When stuff like this happens it makes me so sad. Sad because this is not the best of St. Louis. Unfortunately the young family who saw the crime happen were probably locals and know that if you pull out a phone and report a crime-on the streets- the likelihood of you making it out alive are slim. I'm so sorry that happened to you. And if you think of it? Pray for our city. It's a literal war zone with so many hurting broken lives. Satan would love to take control but I know my God is greater and more powerful than the darkness that can cloak the heart of men.
  • channydb@katherinekruger sigh. I'm so sorry.
  • maraemetOh friend, I'm so sorry! Sad to hear about your Bible being among the stuff stolen! Praying God uses His Word in whomever stole it!
  • yolandalockharthoweVery sorry to hear about this ugliness. Even if it just stuff, you feel incredibly violated when it happens to you. And in the middle of an extended trip, it definitely throws a curve ball into the budget and plans.
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