• maggiehdesignI get lots of questions about how I curl my hair and the girls' hair and also how we get the curls to last more than one day. The trick for me is to use a curling wand and dry shampoo. The dry shampoo not only extends the life of the curls but it adds texture and volume, which I need because my hair is super fine. I use it on the girls before I curl their hair and the curls hold so much better! Celebrate National Dry Shampoo Day with me today and follow @KloraneUSA (available now @Sephora) for a chance to win a Dry Shampoo of your own this month! @KloraneUSA #DryShampooAuthority #NationalDryShampooDay #sponsor

  • jamnjillySo you spray the dry shampoo on clean hair before curling? Like hairspray?
  • summerredwardsPrettiest 💞
  • missyhealyturnerBest hair award ✨🏆
  • ehforrestPretty.
  • heather_big@espyk maybe this will work for you!
  • lonestone1I'm going to give it a try!
  • maggiehdesign@jamnjilly yes, just to give it a little texture. Helps to make it so it's not so fine. Not too much. Then I also spray the curls with hairspray after and let them set for a bit before brushing through it.
  • maggiehdesign@summerredwards thanks Sum! Miss you and been thinking about you! How's the new school going?
  • maggiehdesign@ehforrest thank you!! 💗💗
  • maggiehdesign@missyhealyturner thank you! You're the sweetest!
  • skjorgensenLove this! I have always loved your curls!
  • lesleekGuurl...we need a video of those beauteous locks being produced!! I've always been dying to know how you get them so perfect! Humor me, k??! ❤😘
  • cassidy_demkovWhat curling wand do you use? 💗
  • mommarusso8@pookadoook
  • jamnjillyThanks @maggiehdesign! I too have thin hair and hoping this might help but my hair is a lot shorter than yours so I wonder if it will look funny. I'll have to try it. How do you spray the dry shampoo in? At the root or at the bottom where you curl it?
  • amytangerineJack said, "I love this one" 😂
  • maggiehdesign@amytangerine that's too hilarious! I love that cute boy!!
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