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  • nickiminajFamily ♥️ @champagnepapi

  • all_the_bomb_girl_singersYou done made everyone happy Nicki! :)
  • all_the_bomb_girl_singersFlawless
  • still0fkzgvn@midnight_m_jackson where TF is your proof that her ass deflated though whore?
  • anna_j_says@still0fkzgvn Im a whore? But Im not the one that fucked a entire label to get my career off the ground.
  • anna_j_says@soton5222 Just like yall claim Remy irrelevant but she put St Nick in her coffin.
  • janettt25@indimeli_ okkkkkkkkk
  • still0fkzgvn@midnight_m_jackson yes you are. You have no proof of nicki sleeping with ANYONE!
  • lafeyette_olegirlMoney 🎯
  • leo0oNicki I absolutely love this song!!!
  • leo0oIf u come to Brazil, please sing it live okay
  • nourjava♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • iamkingvic_🐍🐍🐍🐍
  • tayshawn4358Is that Drake
  • capriceeeee__@dominicleadbeater my fave song😩😍
  • jovannanhm@patricianehme
  • dorenea_typeGreat music = Great chemistry
  • daveylee_muaI cannot wait for your tour @nickiminaj ❤️😍
  • grantesims@devan.garcia
  • lifeofyupRemy is irrelevant. She has to talk about Nicki Minaj because she has nothing else to talk about. @midnight_m_jackson
  • anna_j_says@lifeofyup but when Nicki got Remy on her mind and sending subliminal messages in her songs, how irrelevant is she? You know Remy name. How irrelevant is she? Nicki took 2 weeks to respond to Shether. Nicki was trying to stop Shether from being played and tried to get it took off the internet. After Remy snatched her edges in Shether, she was name dropping everybody to come to her defense. She was page hopping on Twitter and mad at everybody but Remy 😂😂😂 The best response that Nicki could come up with after getting destroyed in that diss is post sales. She the queen of rap but couldnt even produce a rap song for her diss track response. She needed Lil Wayne and Drake to get on her diss track with her to come back at Remy but only did ONE VERSE on her own diss track. Thats like getting your ass beat in a one on one fight and getting mad that you lost so you bring your friends to fight the person. Remy Ma so irrelevant but Nicki couldnt even say her name on her diss track. She didnt even dispute the Shether record for the most part. Remy Ma irrelevant but Jay Z sure told her bitch ass to keep Beyonce out of it. 😂😂😂 Remy Ma irrelevant but "All The Way Up" just went double platinum. Remy Ma irrelevant but somehow Nicki fan base all over Remy Ma and Papoose's Instagrams talking shit about that lifesize Barbie doll. Oh okay.
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