• erintelford__FULL MOON IN VIRGO :: "So. This Full Moon. A pre-spring Full Moon. For some, a rock bottom Full Moon, as it is darkest before the dawn (as they say). The Full Moon that glows above us just before the amount of sunlight overtakes the night into longer days, permeating our physical self with positivity, brightness and activity. The earth is defrosted, matter is softening. Sap, the blood of the trees, flows freely at this time. According to astrologer Diego Basdeo: “The astrology this month is great for growth through deep spiritual transformation that is oriented towards hope but is grounded in practical practice. Things might feel shaky, deep in the feels, but this can be the spur towards greater hope, beauty, and justice for all.” We go around and around, our own cycles much like the Moon. Be mindful of your own patterns and cycles— they will be illuminated at this time. Be mindful that everyone around are in their own periods of illumination, transformation, and that others’ reactions *might* not have much to do with you at all. Many of us are in the process of transition and transformation—how could we not be, right now, with what is in front of us, with what we all face, collectively?

    At this moment, thank your self for being here. For coming out, for being present for who and how you are, no matter how messy and unknown you may feel right now. For witnessing your own transformation, and continuing to be present for those around you: perfect strangers or strange bedfellows. To your promises to your self and for your community’s safety and well-being and nourishment. Take time in your life to breathe, ground, and focus on what you can control. Remember, we can always transform any type of energy into something more useful for our higher self. That’s one of the qualities that makes us witches!"
    ~ Sarah Faith Gottesdiener @gottesss 📷: art by @gottesss

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  • meaux__meauxThis is so how I've been feeling. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Thank you ❤ Happy Full Moon to you! 🌚
  • weronajsI'm a Virgo
  • cetergraylorI needed to read this. ❤️
  • joiebutter@frolicblog this was nice to read and i thought of you
  • mahtavayogaI'm feelin it! Thanks @erintelford__
  • gottesssLove to you from the desert Erin! 💛
  • danablix😚😚😚😚
  • erintelford__@gottesss Loving you back from the arctic in NY 😘
  • erintelford__@mahtavayoga Werk 🌕
  • erintelford__@cetergraylor Her words just meet you where it makes sense.
  • erintelford__@meaux__meaux Never Alone 🌕💓
  • frolicblog@joiebutter thank you so much. i really needed this.
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