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  • hagknightBack to the flowers #lace #lacemaking #lacework #needlework

  • birchwitchOhh your poor fingers 😨
  • hagknight@birchwitch like hamburger!
  • devontheinLove the juxtaposition of the solid corded stitch in the petals and the airier stitch in the center of the flower. What kind of stitch is this? It seems to be a single buttonhole, but followed by some kind of reversal?
  • hagknight@devonthein thank you! I wanted something very consistent and geometric but also sort of plain. I can't remember what it's called but I remember I found it when I was researching point de graze.
  • hagknight@devonthein when I fill it in I'll take a sharp close up and maybe you'll recognize it?
  • devonthein@hagknight is this the same stitch or a different one from what you used in the scorpion's body?
  • hagknight@devonthein it's different. The scorpions were a single buttonhole, this is like a double buttonhole except on the second stitch the needle goes up though the back of the buttonhole without pulling the working thread all the way through, leaving a loop. Then the needle reverses back down, over the front of the buttonhole into the loop and pulls tight. I should draw a diagram this description is a mess!
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