• indyshakesNice boots, Evan!
    The Snow Geese is now playing at our Studio! Details in our profile.
    #TheSnowGeese #ISCbackstage #theaterlife #costumes #WWI #ISCLA #LAThtr #SharrWhite

  • jonnie.goodboySaw this play last night. It is so beautifully written and an incredibly moving story that really had me in happy/sad tears at multiple moments. It was truly cathartic for me and really taught me a lot about the human condition so beautifully. Cannot express how much i enjoyed the experience or thank you all enough for putting on this play and I am very very happy I got to see it.
  • indyshakes@jonnie.goodboy Your words move us! #SharrWhite has written an incredible work and we want nothing more than to share it with you. Thank you for being in our audience. I hope you will encourage your friends to see it too.
  • mixmatchburgerDope pic! 🙌
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