• summertelbanDo what is right, not what is easy.

    This past Friday I published a blog post about 5 key reasons why we need to #StopFollowUnfollow. I was prepared for it to ruffle some feathers, but I wasn't prepared for the amount of people who agreed with me and resonated deeply with the post. The follow/unfollow "growth" trend in social media breeds anything but authenticity. The follow/unfollow method is the easy method to growing "community", but it does nothing except discourage others and stunt your genuine growth.

    Want to read more? Click the link in my bio to read the post in full. I wrote this (along with some blog friends) because I believe in your potential and I don't want you to settle for a method that's really not setting you up for true success.
    Let's step up and together, let's do what is right, not what is easy.
    Grab a tee of your own over at @solidlightco!

  • ablissfulhavenThis is so perfect and a great reminder!
  • krystalynnblogsI loved that post! The f/uf is so silly!
  • solidlightco@summertelban love this! ❤❤❤
  • summertelban@solidlightco love you guys!!
  • aclassyfashionistaYes yes yes a million times yes!
  • solidlightco@summertelban WE LOVE YOUUUUU
  • oakmosscollectiveLove this cozy look!
  • arielrwilsonSo glad you wrote this post! So important 🙌🏻
  • thelifeinbetweenI cannot stand that method. It always surprises me how many people are so completely okay with it.
  • fabulousinfayetteI never do the follow/unfollow method. I think it's gross. It also pisses me off because it isn't genuine. Those people want to grow fast and in doing so they get opportunities and/or money, whereas there are people that want to grow organically (it's slow and takes time) but don't get opportunities just because they don't have the following/numbers
  • hellorigbySuch a cute photo and tee!
  • thomaswyldeofficialAmazing look!
  • thejenweaverI loved the post! Thanks for being so bold and yet kind as you shared!
  • mylittleboxoftricksLove this shirt
  • ispyobyI love that post! It was so amazing
  • greta_hollarGreat tee! Loved this post that you're referencing
  • angoodhueLoving your lip color!
  • neelykinsLove that shirt
  • southernandstyleI love this so much. I hate the unfollow/follow method-so much. I only follow others that I truly like to begin with, because that's what increases growth!
  • good240692😙😙😙
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