• becomingbodypositiveIn a world without comparison, our ability to love ourselves would have nothing to do with size. In a world where we didn’t have a frame of reference for judging one body against the other, size would have absolutely no bearing on how we measure worth, success, value, happiness or beauty. In a world where proportional differences couldn’t be detected by human eyes, the concept of size would be entirely meaningless to the way we evaluate ourselves. There would be no wrong way to have a body, because categories for differentiation would dissolve. There would be no sized-based privilege, no phobias against fat, because there would be no framework through which to look at two bodies and immediately determine which is more “deserving” of power and respect. Bodies couldn’t appraised. The exquisiteness of bodies – all bodies – every single body on this earth – couldn’t be questioned.
    I know this isn’t the world we live in now, but I sure as hell hope this is close to what heaven could be.

  • geo_phase_4Oh yeah! In heaven we don't have flesh we are beautiful spirits and we are all so gorgeous and there is no hate or Envy. We are so beautiful that we ask GOD why am I so beautiful.
  • threedaysgrayce_I wish the world wasn't like this too! Would love to live in a less shallow world and society
  • cancerian_goddessLove the skin ur in.... 🌹💪🌹
  • mashura.azadThis is why in Islaam women are asked to cover completely... it's not to oppress us rather to liberate us.... ❤
  • bigspence8Disgusting
  • _umesh26Well spoken I appreciate your words 😊👍🏼@becomingbodypositive
  • sposeshesawildflowerThat bra matches your skin tone exactly! 🙀
  • rico_hundo👍
  • chayanrudra95Very cute
  • leilalaughsalot@rubyannxo
  • tiffanyolivia__❤️❤️❤️
  • gabe_thobyShe's beautiful
  • wildwalllflowersBeautiful ❤️❤️💗💗
  • bethatbabe🥂🌟
  • dion.meadeHi. Sexy
  • rafael_nutelaSDV
  • carmenfoster_This makes me incredibly happy💖
  • built_to_spill_Everything is subjective... 💗
  • insydnificantWow, what beautifully written words !😍🌹🌹✨
  • whylindsey@macandcheeseenthusiast
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