• laurengeislerExhausting, super-fun whirlwind weekend of engagement celebrations with family and friends. Masses of love and thanks if you came and partied with us. Now curled up with tea, chocolate, Batman (1989) and this guy, who I'm going to actually marry in October. Pretty neat weekend. (Really like this snap from G's mum taken between 2 of our 3 venues yesterday! 😴) #joaniegal #orlakielyworld #baracutapeople

  • wickychooI hope it was wonderful my love! Sorry we couldn't be there <3
  • lucylovesyablogCongrats!!
  • justinowenYou guys are looking great!!
  • danteduke_thecatWonder Woman!
  • thesianzLove the hair ❤️
  • carolinereedBloody lovely 💕
  • devizzlehaldizzleUgh I am so sorry we missed the festivities!! You both look fabulous and I am delighted to hear you are recuperating with choco! xoxo
  • blueboobelleSo exciting!! Xx
  • jonathanfturtonOK, this version makes a lot more sense than @strnks version. Inflatable champagne ftw. Roll on October!
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