• thekylewaltersFrom one pan to another: nice work! Pretty good show! A fan couldn't use her tickets last minute and wanted to make sure the tickets made a good Neverland-enjoying home. So you know... me! Thanks mucho!

  • writergirlmariseaI'm so jealous!
  • chilebob37I LOVED it and cried pretty much the entire time. Wish I could see it again!!
  • thekylewalters@chilebob37 Let's just saw that someone must have been chopping onions during the show right next to my seat
  • chilebob37@thekylewalters Oh man! That's terrible!
  • chilebob37Weirdest thing happened last week! I saw the show again and there was someone chopping onions behind me! Must be the same person that was behind you. Anyway...I figured you would understand my pain.
  • peter_pan_og13Omg i saw it too i loved it soo much
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