And still I rise.... #Maui #RHOA
  • shereewhitfieldAnd still I rise.... #Maui #RHOA

  • cengonzalez79@shereewhitfield Sheree I am SO SO sorry that you went through that.. you had me in tears girl. I was stabbed in 2009 by my now husband.. whom I also gave another chance. So I know about feeling stupid. You are so not alone!! Abuse knows no class. It effects us all.. maybe that's your purpose Sheree to reach women who've been through abuse and infidelity or are going through it like myself. Thank you for your are so beautiful inside and out. And ONLY deserve the BEST!!!! Much love and blessings to you... stay strong my sister ❤️
  • drea_0002_who gone check me boo
  • marcanthonycox_LOVE U
  • edowlandYou are an amazing woman!!!
  • tigeroreo2015That's my favorite quote.
  • croweggYou are amazing. He's not worth any part of you.
  • lisa.balfour1972U are an amazing lady Sheree. Love from Scotland.xx
  • erinwrrightSo late to watch this episode.. Sheree, you are so beautifully vulnerable and have ALWAYS been a strong woman. Thank you for sharing with us your struggle. It helps so much to know other women we admire still struggle. No one is perfect! And your resilience is so inspiring!
  • t_3.oMz. Lady, I don’t know you, never met you…you are courageous, that was shown during your Hawaii trip. You shared your authentic self with your co-workers/friends and us. You are worthy and special! I feel and see you…been there…and Still We Rise. Bless You.
  • kittypretty25Miss gorgeous. #Lovemesomesheree😍
  • ddrivetHer hand tattoos real?
  • zums1❤️❤️❤️
  • mz_glovaluvaSometimes the hurt is so deep your soul won't let you return #youneededthatmoment
  • kolabodieBe strong. Yes it will. Girl power. Release and move on. 😘
  • brissy31@shereewhitfield what does your tattoo say ?
  • danyale8417Iknw ☝🏾thing;liked you in that blk&wht that night🤦🏾‍♂️
  • thatgrlcheryl🖓🖓🖓#footballbrainbob
  • jem1020Dump that man!
  • marquiscjonesStraight beautiful
  • lilapaxSheree I just saw this episode. I totally agree with you. You definitely dodge a bullet. I'm so happy that you see everything so clearly. I'm not saying that he can't and won't change but it would take a serious therapy, work, accountability and commitment for someone or anyone to change and turn from their issues. It took some serious commitment from my end to even learn and grow and change from my codependent tendencies in choosing abusive partner.
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