• citychurchchiTODAY #EncounteringJesus continues w/ Pastor @KentMunsey at all services! We couldn't wait so we implemented daylight savings time this weekend.... see you sooner! 10am + 12pm + 5pm + 7pm • #CityKids happening all day!

  • blckharrypotter#jesusjuke
  • ainformedparentFirst visit. Loved it will definitely be back. Who is the choir band. I need that new song they wrote and sang Sunday. Any links?
  • abigail_g15I agree with @ainformedparent ... we need the choir on SoundCloud or Apple music so we can listen to these awesome new songs during the week! Loved the new song... "i want to know you more & more"
  • irmaguerra5970@abigail_g15 you can get some songs from pandora too... they play songs that we sing in church....
  • marissasrarefightI know this is random from a stranger you don't even know... I'm doing this because my wife means the world. Could you please head to her page and website and read her story and if it's in your heart to help then please that would mean everything!!!! God bless!!!
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