• helenwonderlustAfter 4 years of Helen in Wonderlust, I've decided to go full-time as a travel blogger.
    Life isn't for 'what ifs'. Life is about taking chances and risks. Life is short and precious and you need to make the most of it in whatever way, shape or form works for you.
    This is the youngest either you or I will ever be again. The time is now... ✌🏼️❀️🦁🐘🌍 Let's do this!

  • kabosaysThis is brilliant! Good for you. x x x
  • helenwonderlust@kabosays Thanks Katie! How are you??? X
  • adevelopingjourneyGo for it! I love to see people living their dreams!
  • jamesd19911Do you have to work along the way? How does this work? Haha
  • helenwonderlust@jamesd19911 hi James, yes I have to work. I have a mortgage to pay! I work on marketing campaigns for brands and tourism boards, both on my blog and social media and I run my own tour company :) Some people write and sell ebooks or make a commission from affiliate marketing. Google how to make money as a blogger and you'll get the idea.
  • helenwonderlust@adevelopingjourney Thanks Kate! How are you??? X
  • jamesd19911Thats awesome i always thought people saved for years and lived off of that haha.if i wanted to go backpacking in sayyy europe for a few months what would it cost? I know theres alot to calculate but a rough pricee.
  • helenwonderlust@jamesd19911 Some people do that. When I first went backpacking I did that. :) I'm not sure, it depends where you go. Eastern Europe is a lot cheaper than other parts. There's a resources page on www.legalnomads.com where you find some budget breakdowns that may help! On my website I have some budgets for Africa if that's of interest!
  • jamesd19911Just had a look there isnt as pricey as expected haha.. Amazing thanks for the info :)
  • helenwonderlust@jamesd19911 No worries! Travel can be pretty cheap depending on how you do it! :)
  • migratingmissYay! Go you, I have every faith that you'll succeed.
  • adevelopingjourney@helenwonderlust Doing well! Planning a fun new adventure right now.
  • helenwonderlust@migratingmiss Thanks Sonja!!! Hopefully I can come back to see you in Scotland soon!!! X
  • helenwonderlust@adevelopingjourney Great, where are you going?? With baba? X
  • jlowthropCongratulations on the move to full time lovely. Fun adventures ahead xx
  • helenwonderlust@jlowthrop Thanks Jen!!! not long til Glasto!!! :) xx
  • adevelopingjourney@helenwonderlust Nope, this one will be a short solo trip. I'm thinking Cuba! But we're planning a family trip for later this year so that she can use her new passport for the first time πŸ˜†
  • helenwonderlust@adevelopingjourney Nice! I went to Cuba 10 years ago, it was fab! I assume it's changed quite a bit now though!
  • taraaa_reynoldsInspiring! Been doing a lot of research myself lately on how to do exactly that. Good luck! I look forward to following along on your blog!
  • merlins_mindPerfect shot πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸŒˆ
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