• globaltableMy sweet decided to dress up like Te Fiti from the movie Moana yesterday & it got me thinking about peace. 🌸
    It all started when she asked me to use our face paint to draw Te Fiti's heart on her chest. (Spoiler Alert) Ava explained: Without her heart Te Fiti wouldn't be herself, she'd be Te Ka, the lava creature. Her heart was what made her HER.
    So true. 🔥
    Hurt and pain can change us if we're not careful. And we have to "restore our hearts" to be ourselves again. When we do, we maintain the thriving roots of inner peace AND outer peace. After all, each of us impacts the whole.
    She's not the only example of this in the movie - Maui is also on a journey of healing and self acceptance after his parent's rejection. 🙏🏽
    Such great lessons for our children AND ourselves. Here's to restorative healing for us all! ✌🏽
    #tefiti #moana #flowerchild #innerpeace

  • jennyschuleBeautiful!!! 💞 (Girl, message, and crown!)
  • twinsinthelouSo sweet. And it sounds like this grown-up needs to see this movie.
  • sherjhYou don't have to look hard to see this child has hear❣
  • angieprathLovely image and post. Thanks
  • teenamarie2013Wow stunning on every level!
  • trixiemcpicklesI can't deal with how so grown up she looks! I've been following your blog for eons and I feel like your girl was a baby like YESTERDAY! 😍
  • malaya.modernmalaysian👍
  • adalinamaeauthor📚 ☕
  • travelingfatty👏
  • limitless.foodGreat, now im hungry... 😩
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