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  • ashantiomkarThe @tamildancechampionship winners, University of Birmingham, who were awarded the judges prize, & the audience award too! It played out like an Indian musical film, with a mixed cultural love story, vibrant props, & energetic dancing. This @arrahman @sidsriram song from Shankar's #I, totally brought it home! 🏅🏆 Kudos to the event organisers, & all the dancers too. It was a pleasure being part of the judging panel! 🙏💃 #video #dance #colourpop

  • ashantiomkar💃👳 @s_mithushan - would have loved to have met you!! Well done. Please pass the message to the entire team.
  • prannitha@praveenauk hey check this out!!
  • brintha_20They were absolutely amazing! 👏
  • praveenaukThank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it 🙈🙏🏾 Means so so much!
  • ashantiomkar@praveenauk a clear winner. You put so much into this. If you made films, you'd thrive, while also saving lives!! 😊💃💉💊🎬 I've messaged on FB. Keen to plan also date at BBC, to interview you, when you have some time. 🤗
  • s_mithushan@ashantiomkar we're also grateful still and are recovering from last nights shock! Thank you so much! Next time I'll try not to be disguised 😂
  • ashantiomkar@s_mithushan 😊😊 Well done!!
  • kunstzurichsensibel
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