• hannahbrencherSo much growth in a single year. I'm in San Antonio for the next few days. A year ago, I would pack my gym shoes but they would always get shuffled to the side for a more favorable option: a nap before speaking or a drink afterwards. I can honestly say I've learned more about discipline in the last year of my life and I am finally starting to see the gains of it. Workout 1 done and another coming up tonight after the opening sessions! Learning so much of development and growth happens within secret hours that the rest of the world will likely never see. You determine if you want to put in the work. Also: @laneybell86 is a dream for getting these kicks for me in Utah last week! #nike #nikewomen #womenwholift #girlboss

  • leahelizabethaOkay these shoes 😍
  • shelbydillon👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
  • kintigo👌
  • brookrakowYes! I have a pair of these and they are so comfortable 🤗
  • taylorlacey_I live in San Antonio!!! Where are you speaking?!
  • cornysitkawhere are you speaking in SA? I live here & would love to come!!
  • aodeanerYou're in San Antonio? Let's hang out! @hannahbrencher
  • aimeebelcher@courtneykramme you should message Hannah and try to get coffee. She is FULL of amazing advice and Jesus and she's fun, too. 😉
  • kehnsnUhm, I need these shoes.
  • patiencepenningtonWelcome to SA! Check out the Pearl, Loraine Bakery and Local Coffee while you're here. 🌟
  • sarabethfachetti💞
  • blessiekayHalcyon is one of my favorite coffee shops! Check it out :)
  • tpau_808If you need a running partner at NASPA, I can connect you with a friend! Just holler!
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