• travelswithninaSunday afternoons Down Under. Swinging in the hammock under the whispering She Oaks, listening to one of the best Dear Sugar podcasts (run by Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild) I've heard so far: about finding a place to call home, and how essential that is for our happiness. I've popped a link in the bio for anyone else laying in the grass, waiting for inspiration to strike 🍃

  • ruthykotMe me me, I'm getting onto it now!
  • quinnkeedinkSuch a great podcast @travelswithnina love it, thanks for the find!
  • heidimortlock.adriftOh good one, I'm going to have a listen now!! Thanks for sharing, beauty xx
  • travelswithnina@ruthykot awesome, hope you liked it lovely! X
  • travelswithnina@quinnkeedink so glad you enjoyed it! They never do a bad show, really
  • travelswithnina@heidimortlock.adrift so glad you got to listen! Love their work x
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