#sittingbull 4 #nodapl // unity please!
  • muckrock#sittingbull 4 #nodapl // unity please!

  • hashpatBoooo #yuckrock
  • kronhole#whiteappropriation
  • party_pooper_doggyYo I second what @termitefeast says and wanna add that New Orleans doesn't need more public images of Andrew Jackson even if you cover him in flowers or some shit. That starving bling is problematic as hell. There is plenty of unemployed artists already living in New Orleans who could paint murals that aren't fucked up. Maybe you should step aside.
  • booty_burpYes I second @termitefeast and @party_pooper_doggy .. you and your garbage art are extremely problematic. A black child with broken chains...chola imagery....girl get the FUCK outta this town. Please "catch me outside" somewhere because I will BEAT YOUR ASS 💯
  • djdusty7@booty_burp - none of you have any idea who you or what you're talking about! Jules is one of the most kindest, thoughtful, loving people I know and an amazing artist that has done so much good for everyone she comes across along the way. Why don't you take your negativity and disrespectful rhetoric somewhere else? Stop polluting her instagram with your BS! I mean, the three of you with names like booty burp, @party_pooper_doggy & @termitefeast pretty much sums up your level of validity anyway.. take a hike with that $h!t!! ✌🏽#goodvibes #muckrockworldtour 🌎 #hihaters👋🏽
  • termitefeastcool @djdusty7 dont address the issues with the art just tell us shes a nice person? like nice people never did bad shit? the road to hell is paved with good intentions. new orleans isnt just a fun playground for people to drop in, fuck up, ans split. its a real and complex place with its own beauties and trauma and if muckrock was actually thoughtful, she wouldnt have put up some of this garbage
  • djdusty7You have the right to an opinion and your own interpretation. Doesn't mean you are right. Also doesn't mean that I'm going to get in a battle of words with you. You seem mighty tough behind your keypad and I don't know if I can hang with that! Just gonna wish you well my friend! Here's a thought, instead of internet trolling.. why don't you go out and plant some flowers in your beautiful city or donate your time to your community? There will always be people like you in the world. But it will keep spinning.. much love and many blessings to you! There's still time to change !!! 👌🏽
  • glaysonleroy@muckrock don't pay no mind to the hate. This guys most likely hate their own lives. Keep killing it!! See you soon in LA!!!!
  • jalutkewiczthese folks criticizing problematic imagery in a town steeped in racist violence don't hate their lives. they hate "good vibes" mentality that brushes aside ill-thought out imagery in hopes of promoting ones ego.
  • djdusty7Again, it's all in ones interpretation. I don't see racist violence here. I see a different statement. That's the beauty of art.. it's in the eye of the beholder. To me, this is a powerful message and says a lot more than what you apparently see. @jalutkewicz
  • she_pony_locals only? then leave!
  • she_pony_leave new Orleans
  • she_pony_Louisiana is not where sitting bull is from. But it is where many many black people are from who were forcefully brought to New Orleans against their will because it was a major slave trade city. I can't possibly begin to understand why you would make this mural. You're art is racist. You are racist. Stop making art. Leave New Orleans
  • kellshmellNo. Wtf is this. Just no
  • cvlt.daddythis is fucked up. please stop diluting this city with your "art"
  • rogue.black@she_pony_ wtf is your problem? this is Wacko? Stop following and do your own thing. And get a life bitch. No one gives af about your racial accusations. You sound like a fuckin tool. I am creole (including Native American) and my whole family is from TX and Nola and all adore Muck.. Nola loves @muckrock.. y'all are entitled to your opinion.. but that's all it is.. calling someone a racist is pretty serious especially when it's about racial things and u just a another whitey pretending to give a fuck about brown people shit. Honesty no one gives af about your ignorant white privileged opinion so stfu and go for a walk or have another drink. And any brothers / sisters talkin at Muck about slave shit get the fuck over it. It's 2017... cmon already with the drivin miss daisy bs.. get a job, by a property, donate, vote... n------ please @booty_burp @party_pooper_doggy
  • hell_data_You are profiting off of a representation of genocide, as someone who directly benefits from white privilege. This is disgusting. Using a representation of a body of color, to propel your own social status is wrong. Please look at yourself critically.
  • dirty_funq@she_pony_ is a pretentious hipster that doesn't know the difference between your and you're 😂😂😂 where's your art at dogg?
  • artistdignity👌👌👌👌
  • satelliteskyAwesome work
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