• benitagracejoyWhile we were home, my new family-in-love threw us two different receptions with all the extended family and friends and church members because it was our first time going home after marriage. I was welcomed into the home as a daughter and shown an incredible amount of love. I was so overwhelmed and emotional the whole time because it was the first time in our 8.5 years of being together that we were truly celebrated as a couple. I almost didn't know how to react because I was so used to having to fight everyone to be with the man I loved. And here I was with the people who have known him since childhood, who watched him grow up, and who are protective of him, welcome me into their home. I didn't speak their language. I didn't know their customs. And I made a lot of mistakes. But they were gracious and accommodating. And it honestly meant so much to be able to just relax and enjoy the moment and let our loved ones love on us. As part of the celebration, my darling husband had his heart set on getting these Chinese sky lanterns. I didn't quite understand at first why he was so adamant, but gosh are they ever gorgeous. We released these beauties into the night sky, and then just stood back and watched. They're a bit complicated to set up but they're so beautiful and fitting for the occasion and reminiscent of that one scene from "Tangled". It was like my own little unexpected fairytale moment. 🏮

  • jas.tabiThis is so beautiful. This is the best. You two deserve it.
  • bencyjohnStop it! This is beautiful! I am so so happy and thrilled for you Beni! Love you
  • compactwanderersMy heart is bursting with joy for you. Couldn't miss you more. 💗
  • littlestoriesofmineSo good to hear this!! May the love n celebrations surround you all year through 💕🎉
  • kaelimjoyThat's incredible!!
  • stephpascoal💕💕💕💕💕
  • _tubetopsI'm so happy for you!
  • kailahbharathAbsolutely beautiful Benita. What a memory! ❤
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