the lighting at @jillyhendrix's spot is POPPIN. I feel like Beyoncé. BERET Inspired by @butlikemaybe 😎
  • lobosworththe lighting at @jillyhendrix's spot is POPPIN. I feel like Beyoncé. BERET Inspired by @butlikemaybe 😎

  • carmijenLove it! ❤️
  • sportsfrek33💕
  • hannaheliz_xx@ktgranola 😍
  • chmurphy201@rahilypop maybe you CAN rock a beret in the states!!!
  • food4ny👏👏👏
  • kl110_@lobosworth oh Lo come on! You're better then Beyoncé 💐
  • instasteakCan I come over @jillyhendrix
  • jimmylurette700so beautiful
  • me_and_yours_togetherU look more happy and the GLOW U U are doing so much better than before U could tell. Maybe its because I know how it is to have anxiety. Be strong and find the little things in life U love about life.❤💪⚖️🌈
  • alexiskdennVery Caroline Bessete Kennedy here 😊
  • colouroffensiveYour video about your battles with anxiety and depression was really great. I hope you're getting your necessary vitamin intake 😊
  • ericasauergroomingYou pretty 😍
  • taylorsandroff@Elaynehess she's stunning
  • jamieleeortizLove this ❤️
  • kgfitmom@lobosworth I'm not sure if you know , but we can't respond to any of your stories and we all have questions . So in your settings you can allow us to respond . 😘
  • theprettyyoungprofessionalHi beautiful pls check you're DM re: MAO
  • nvp1979Your recent blog post made me re-realize why I liked you on The Hills. You are smart and real, and I appreciate you trying to help others. I have some of the exact issues that you do, and bioavailable forms of vitamins (especially probiotics) have completely changed my outlook. Thank you, Lo.
  • luckikrowjoeYou're an inspiration. So great to read your bout with vitamin deficiency which led you to depression ect. People don't realize how real it is. I went through the EXACT same thing for a couple of years. B12 and Vitamin D deficient I was. But continued research and never quitting (cannabis oil/raw fruit juice/massage/meditation) on my part and wanting to feel well all worked together. Bless you sister for sharing.♦🔹🎩👑👍💜💜💜💜
  • sarah_kaminsky@lobosworth thank you for posting that video. I have been going through something very familiar to you and I am so happy to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it does get better. I am currently in the phase where doctors are telling me its thyroid issues... but I know myself and I know there is more to it. I know found out that I have an iron and vitamin d deficiency and that's just from one test.
  • meagan.maeSending love!
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