• somuchbetterwithage*sigh* I love a clean kitchen. It's not quite this clean right now as we spent the day in skiing in Whistler. My kids are in ski school there but I'm a scared skier. What's a scared skier you ask? Me in a nutshell. I'm completely tense and am scared shitless. But today I finally had a breakthrough. It finally clicked. All the lessons I took years ago finally resonated with me and my boyfriend so patiently helping me the last two seasons has finally paid off. I wanted to give up so many times but I knew this fear of mine held me back in other areas of my life too and I knew it was something I wanted to conquer. It took me going through highs and lows (way more lows) to finally conquer my fear! Do you have a fear you want to conquer? Does it hold you back in other areas of your life? In other news, it's #homestylesaturdays so be sure to check out what weekly inspiration we have for you this week! Tap the photo to follow the bloggers and click the link in my profile to take you to the post. Happy Saturday! https://somuchbetterwithage.com/2017/03/home-style-saturdays-26/ #conqueryourfears

  • greenwithdecorI loooove your kitchen!! 💚🌿
  • turquoisehomeHow did you put your shelves back up?
  • ruffledrosedesignSo stunning!
  • addquastAnd I should add how proud I am of you baby. What a day 😘
  • mmacritMy husband is determined to make a skiier out of me and has introduced it to 2 of our 3 kids... Hoping to get the youngest on skis next season. So he got us seasons passes to Seymour and we keep trying at the bunny hill to see if it will click. I am like you! Terrified and so unsure of the whole thing... But if 4 of the 5 of us ski, I don't want to be the holdout. The oldest asked on the way home from the mountain today if we would ever ski Whistler... So that's a goal I guess! Glad to hear you had a good day!
  • lajollalivingLove the charming open shelves!
  • mylifefromhomeI love your kitchen! Good job on the skiing. I'm in the scared category. 😳
  • diannedidoaustGorgeous kitchen! My fear is flying
  • kristywicksBeautiful kitchen Jamie... your flowers are so pretty! 🌷
  • lilyandtwigBeautiful kitchen!! And I'm with you on skiing. I used to ski no problem when I lived out east but now in the Rocky Mountains it's so much scarier.😬 the green runs are like blacks out east. Whistler is the same. Good for you for conquering your fear! I should get out on the hill more.
  • gomymondayI Love your kitchen, it's gorgeous, so white and bright, just as I like it👏😘
  • somuchbetterwithage@greenwithdecor @ruffledrosedesign @lajollaliving @mylifefromhome @diannedidoaust thanks so much 💕
  • somuchbetterwithage@turquoisehome my contractor came back and screwed them in!!
  • somuchbetterwithage@mmacrit thank you!! I know, it's hard but worth it.
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