Elegant and Lady Like. Confident yet Loving. 💛 Thats what matters! 🐗  @stevenkleinstudio 🎉 happy Purim!
  • madonnaElegant and Lady Like. Confident yet Loving. 💛 Thats what matters! 🐗 @stevenkleinstudio 🎉 happy Purim!

  • jeremygbroMs.Madonna, in my life for 36 years and lilbit you have inspired Sooo many people. You are Beautiful and so muched loved I mean think about it....Wow. Look at who you are. Someone must have and still does..a lot! Thank you for you.
  • petite_licorne_2004Creepy
  • ladyjc76Illuminati party 🎉
  • a.riana._g.rande._😇😇😇
  • unbothered___92U wear that to the rituals?
  • luciana_borgesis2Linda demais te vestida de 2personagem
  • leightonplusDisgusting satin worshipper. Ppl need to stop supporting her or you support evil. They use blood in their rituals
  • gabriella1111I'm such a contentious time and the real dangers in the world, saying in front of thousands of people that you have premeditated burning the White House does not make you a rebel. It is reckless and exposes the American people to harm. How do you feel about the man with a bomb that was apprehended after breaking into the grounds of the White House? What message did you send to the American people that day?
  • gabriella1111You are not a "rebel"
  • gabriella1111Behind the mask and the pop music is an empty self serving shell. Hungry ghost still trying to fill the void.
  • _freedom___world_14/7
  • leightonplus@gabriella1111 Finally!!!! Someone who gets it!!!!! Thankyou hon! You're right-- some new mom (Madonna) who threatened to blow up the white house shouldn't even have custody of those poor kids that she adopted!! It doesn't take an advanced degree to recognize a celebrity who is mentally disturbed, yet others keep quiet and throw it under the rug like nothing happened. Also, she is fascinated by satanic rituals hence the shrine she's wearing. Those poor kids will be brainwashed to death.
  • tugce_se@leightonplus You say the truth poor kids😞
  • tazerlazer5@leightonplus True that!!!!
  • maya92130Hahhhahahhha
  • osa_suarezIt just gets better and better 🤗🤗🤗continue Queening 👑❤ you got this #girlpower 👊if you ever get of focus just remember how far you have come & what you have accomplished
  • slutsellaSome satanic shit right here
  • garachorochiLoL why i can't stop laughing at this...
  • 4ndrakesexy @madonna
  • thurmgerm11@princesshaywee 🤔🤔🤔
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