• mali.mishI love how comfortable the kids are as soon as we arrive. "Look at this crab!" they scream. "Shuffle your feet!" they remind each other. Baja, we just can't quit you.

  • mali.mish#malimishkids #childhoodunplugged #wildandfreechildren #bajabound
  • raydizzle83I need to check this place out. I'm sure it's not far from SD! Looks amazing
  • amandalewmanAre you guys traveling with dogs? We want to add this to our itinerary but not sure how these parks feel about animals? Suggestions?!?!
  • mali.mish@amandalewman dogs are always welcome in Mexico ☺👍
  • chickthatridesWhen the tide goes out, have the kids flip over rocks. There are tons of baby octopus out there, among many other creatures. (I spend a lot of time in sf.)
  • surfduudeReally nice capture!
  • gasgirl2001Man, the envy!
  • sierrakhlBeautiful picture
  • the_adventures_of_mrwiles@amandalewman very easy to bring your dog in, just make sure they have their rabies up to date. There are a lot of stray dogs that run around but we didn't have any issues with them
  • travelingtuttlesYou're going south as we head north! How far do you intend to go? We have plenty of recommendations! (Puertocitos…just south of you, has seaside hot springs!)
  • darlesincharge😍
  • joekthVery cool 😃
  • spcallLovely
  • longdistancevoyagerNo Baja humbug here! I'd love to go!@mali.mish
  • localladySo inspired watching your family. I keep telling my husband that it's my plan with our kiddos! I grew up spending a lot of time in Baja (lived in socal then) and love it.
  • dometic😍😍
  • rivka_sternThere's no place like home 💛
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